Thursday, May 28, 2009

Setting Up For Graduation Ceremony

Makaifer Nissa and Jonathan Round, both of 2012, cleaning near the top billboards at SCDC making a few on-lookers from the floor a bit numb and worried.

Maisy and others climbing hoop frame to "sopwei ngeni nato". Lecia, at the bottom too affraid to climb up an inch..... what's the word? Climbyphobia?

Freshman boy Jonathan Round cleaning the ceiling of SCDC, showing off his churi maram inherited skills.

Baccalaureate Mass for Class of 2009

Baccalaureate Mass for Graduating Class of 2009 was held at Holy FamilyParish Church, as always. The singing was fabulous! Magnificent! Great Job by the conductors,,, Marcos Conzales, Alexcia Sillem, and Julia A. William.

The seniors looked like they can no longer wait to march down the aile. But, thank Goodness, Fr. Rosendo was the one saying Mass. His homily was right to the bull's eye, not preachy but very inspiring and in-tuned with anxious "serafo" at their own crossroad.

Monday, May 4, 2009

culture studies at SCA

The Saramen Chuuk Academy tradition class has been working on building a hut as part of their lessons for this semester. However, this project has been hampered by lack of required materials, bad weather, and other important interruptions in school calendar, some of which are mandated by our very own dear Bishop Samo. However, the class is determined to complete the hut construction project before gradution rolls in. This hut sits right next to the main gate to the gym at same location for the Sisters of Mercy Residence.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

looking back to track performance

Serenade Repon, fastest freshgirl from Tonoas and wearing white t-shirt with maroone spots and stripes above, was probably the most consistent sprinter from SCA in the ISC Track and Field Championships, April 24, 2009. SCA is already counting on Serenade for future track dominance, knowing she is a solid performer with 3 more years in front of her. Her agility and speed, overshadowed by her beauty and friendliness, was proved unmatched by anyone her age in all the schools. Serenade won her semifinal heat in 100 meters in a race that went neck and neck until the last two meters into the finish line. We shall expect more greatness out of her in the years to come.

SCA squad of young sprinters packed their hope in Setrik Inos, pictured above, the fastest senior from Nama and Fefen. Prior to the 100 meters final, Setrik complained of minor pain on his right hamstring. Icing could only ensure him fourth in that final.

Inspite of not winning the 100 meters title, Setrik was still the pride of the school through his cool and calm smiley way. He made running look so easy and fun in his own style, claiming first places in 2 laps, 1 lap, and the 200 meter relays.