Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rupeson Dedication for CPI

Last Monday June 15, 2009, what has been only a vision for Bishop Amando Samo unfolded into a real project through a "rupeson" ceremony at a property belonging to the Diocese of Caroline Islands. Seven shovel were ceremonially dugged into the building site, signifying that what was once a mere "interest" will now transform into a "collective" day-to-day endeavor that will give birth to the Caroline Pastoral Institute.

Many curious on-lookers have asked with a sense of apprehension, "is it true they are building a college over here"? Although the ongoing construction since June 15 is for the temporary site, the answer to this query is probably more in the affirmative according to Fr. Rosendo Rudolf, chancellor at the Diocese Office, at one of his Sunday masses.

Bishop Amando Samo before praying to commence the "ground breaking" ceremony. Also in the picture are Fr. Nomano (in white top) and Maverick Arnold, in maroon shirt, a senior-to-be this school year 2009-2010. "Mav" is likely to be among those to first open the institute, leading the generations of Chuukese who will persue various ministries and vocation "schooling" right here at home.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Be there for the community

Res Shotaro of 2005, second in the march wearing black top, helped organized the Cultural Day for Iras Demo School, 2009.

One way for SCA to ensure it has good future crops is to concern itself with what goes on at the primary school setting. For this event, SCA assisted with donation of equipments (cones), organizing the opening ceremony for Iras Demo's students, parents, teachers, and spectators, and starting of the morning events. The fact that our alumni are out there helping is also a way for SCA to get exposed as a positive player in community events.

Young third-graders line up at the start line for 60 meter dash. The red cone to the right is one of SCA's recreational equipments dontated to Iras Demo for their event today.

Who knows, maybe a few years from today, one of these young boys will be running in much better fields --- possibly somewhere out of Chuuk in a regional competition or even world championships. Little competitions at home are the start of huge championships abroad.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Student, An Alum, A Teacher, and what else?

It is hard not to notice. If you don't see her in person, you will hear her voice. She would never need an amplifier! Her name is Kathy Martin. The thing is, we all know, she is leaving SCA community. At least for the time being.

Kathy Martin is truly a Chuukese.... by birth and by heart. Her islands of origin are Pis Paneu and Pisemwar islands. This symbolizes her integrated attitude to life that encompasses many areas of concern and services.

By college training, Kathy is a socail worker. She is a grad of UOG since 2005. In fact, for a year after UOG, she spent time assisting in a project on Micronesian immigrants to Guam and assistend at the university helping other needy students.

Kathy will now leave SCA after spending three years of teaching and much much more. Hawaii is now her next destination for another amazing goal: working on her masters degree in community leadership and youth.

Kathy was asked a number of questions. Undrneath are her answers:
1. what year did you grad from sca? 1999
2. what was your field at uog? social work
3. what year did you grad from uog?2005
4. what have you been doing after uog until now? after uog, i worked at uog at the suicide prevention program. i also did a research/project on the micronesian migrants living in urban housing with one uog professor as an assistant. and 2006 summer i started working at sca until now.
5. how old are you now? (optional)
6. what do you plan (or wish) to do in the near future after grad school? really want to come back to chuuk and continue help out in the chuukese community. if i can work at the public health that would be one or come back to sca. i love sca. my heart and my mind is here at saram.
7. what will you focus on at grad school? community development and mostly working with youths.
8. will chuuk and fsm be an option for you after grad school? yes...with god everything is possible.
9. what is your favorite food? wow! what else beside the chuukese mai, kon me apot with fish epwe kochu(cooking in coconut milk). pwan ena men re kan era pwe penichon. ena ik mi kapwich...mmmmmmmmm.....
10 what is your favorite music? ewer i am not good in singing, i have a weird voice, but i thank god i can at least one song...well, i like the music that are very peaceful and akamumu. pwan music that i can dance to...
11. your ideal hero/heroine (optional). many times...i think of myself as my hero, but many good people are my hero. my parents are also my hero. you are also my hero because you thought me many good things. but jesus is my entire life hero.
12. would you want to be a millionaire? why whynot? (optional). i will build a beautiful communtiy....provide the service that people really need. from living to work.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fumina "Fupas" Yoshino

Ms. Fumina "Fupas" Yoshino is one among few teachers who will say good bye to SCA this summer. Fupas has been teaching at SCA for two years as a JOCV and has been an exceptional teacher and friend to many. She will be greatly missed by all.
When she was asked these questions, here are what she had to say:
1. where are you going after SCA?

2. What will be your best memory of SCA?

3. If there is anything you could change at SCA, what would it be?

4. Your favorite chuukese food?

5. what you want to become after 10 years?

6. What did you like about chuuk?

7. What you dislike about Chuuk?

8. Your age? (optional)

1.... I will go back to japan but my spirit will be in your heart!!

2.... Tsunami day.... kakaka

3.... No kimba!! because I really wanted to have it when students smiled me.

4.... Kon, Tapioka,Iik, Pachan,papaya,Puu and watte Banana!!

5.... the Wife of hansam Chuukese guy!!

6.... Beautiful oceian, sky, the sun, and wonderful and lovely people!!

7.... the guy who always think about something nasty!!!

8.... 24years old but my mind is still 18yaers old!!! forever

kinisou chapur!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To Break or Not To Break!?

Vibrant Kathy Martin is one of the teachers that will leave SCA this summer. These few days, she has been working on grades and tying together loose ends with classes that she has been teaching here so that incoming teachers will have an idea on how and where to continue. The school will lose so much in Kathy -- very instrumental in various areas of responsibilities at SCA and at the community level.

Kieko Kiki Kanemoto and Sr. Foustina Nedelec MMB at the main office. For these two, there is a special sweetness to summer break that others don't know of. Sr. Foustina is waiting for a all-community activity that her convent sisters will do in a few days to come. Kiki is starting to implement work on a new addition to the school library: Pacific Collection Project. She has so much to share about this project.

Gracelyn Rhaym and Nasaria Dinney of Business Office waiting on summer students to pay registration and other outstanding payments of olden days. For them, money is the solution to all our miseries and misfortunes at SCA.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Break but not quite so for teachers

(above: Registrar Marcelly Marcus working on grades and reports for 4th quarter 09)
The graduation ceremony last Thursday signaled the conclusion of classes and beginning of summer break for students, and some teachers. But, for some others, the word "break" is a misnomer for this week and perhaps a few more days. By declaration from Princial Wayne Olap, today, June 3, 2009, would have been deadline for all teachers to submit their 4th quarter grades for sy08-09.
Summer session for those who need to make up grades (juniors down) and for in-coming freshmen will start June 15, 2009 and end around the end of July. As of this morning, only 30 freshmen-to-be have actually registered. We anticipate getting 70 new students for next school year.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Graduation 2009

Bishop Amando Samo, front right, Mayor Florentino Jessy of Weno, center, and Fr. Jim Croghan, front left. At the back row: Mr. Jack Fritz, chairman of school board, with cap, Deacon Eliot Cholymay, center, and Fr. Julio Angkel, pastor of St. Anthony Parish, Dublon and school board member.

Principal Wayne Olap, standing, chatting with former principal Mariano Marcus and Vicar of Chuuk Vicariate, Fr. Basilio Dilipy, far right, minutes before the start of the ceremony.
Before the singing of the National Anthem and the Alma Mater, in-coming STUCO President, Keim Akilino, and Vice President Maverick Arnold, covered behind flag, brought in the flags of FSM and Chuuk State.

"Men On A Mission!" -- Shawn Mori (left) and Jordan Lomongo (right) with their best "No Joke" look as they paraded toward the stage at the start of the ceremony.
Graduates getting on stage -- "teta mwo won pomei ie!". Students with gold stole are those with cumulative GPA of 85 or and higher.

One of the many recognition awards given out at the graduation was the "teach of the year" merit award. Rightfully so, this award was presented by Fr. Jim Croghan S.J., director of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of the Carolines, to Ms. Julia A. William for dedicated services to students and for performance beyond call of duty. Ms. William is also the longest serving teacher whose years of services is as old (or as young) as the school itself.

Valedictorian Elua Hiromy Mori when getting back-to-back awards in math and science. She was also the last one to recieve awards when she was given the valedictorian recognition award for this 2009 graduation.

Jessicalyn Hartman, salutatorian, looked down with satisfaction and an expression of relief after claiming her diploma.

Most decorated graduate, Elua Hiromy Mori, valedictorian, flashed one of her characteristically playful and heart-wrecking smiles after she recieved her diploma. Mr. Jack Fritz, chairman of the School Board in background giving out diploma to others.

Few minutes later after she made her parents beam with pride for being awarded for highest GPA in English, Nelly Selluaina Killion marched down the aile with her diploma, all smile, all beautiful!
Freshmen Girls getting emotional after the ceremony. Such sweet and bitter parting surely can bring tears to those who truly care. This girls will surely get over it in due time.