Monday, June 8, 2009

Be there for the community

Res Shotaro of 2005, second in the march wearing black top, helped organized the Cultural Day for Iras Demo School, 2009.

One way for SCA to ensure it has good future crops is to concern itself with what goes on at the primary school setting. For this event, SCA assisted with donation of equipments (cones), organizing the opening ceremony for Iras Demo's students, parents, teachers, and spectators, and starting of the morning events. The fact that our alumni are out there helping is also a way for SCA to get exposed as a positive player in community events.

Young third-graders line up at the start line for 60 meter dash. The red cone to the right is one of SCA's recreational equipments dontated to Iras Demo for their event today.

Who knows, maybe a few years from today, one of these young boys will be running in much better fields --- possibly somewhere out of Chuuk in a regional competition or even world championships. Little competitions at home are the start of huge championships abroad.


  1. Excellent idea!! The students can actually list these type of activities as their community service for college applications...Wish we had opportunities like this when I was there :)

  2. thank you for being here.... following the events at your Alma Mater is one way of "manen wichukuuuuu" SCA.

  3. I want to hear an update on how the Alumni Committee (if we have one) is doing nowadays and who's the contact person and if he/she has an email.