Friday, June 5, 2009

Fumina "Fupas" Yoshino

Ms. Fumina "Fupas" Yoshino is one among few teachers who will say good bye to SCA this summer. Fupas has been teaching at SCA for two years as a JOCV and has been an exceptional teacher and friend to many. She will be greatly missed by all.
When she was asked these questions, here are what she had to say:
1. where are you going after SCA?

2. What will be your best memory of SCA?

3. If there is anything you could change at SCA, what would it be?

4. Your favorite chuukese food?

5. what you want to become after 10 years?

6. What did you like about chuuk?

7. What you dislike about Chuuk?

8. Your age? (optional)

1.... I will go back to japan but my spirit will be in your heart!!

2.... Tsunami day.... kakaka

3.... No kimba!! because I really wanted to have it when students smiled me.

4.... Kon, Tapioka,Iik, Pachan,papaya,Puu and watte Banana!!

5.... the Wife of hansam Chuukese guy!!

6.... Beautiful oceian, sky, the sun, and wonderful and lovely people!!

7.... the guy who always think about something nasty!!!

8.... 24years old but my mind is still 18yaers old!!! forever

kinisou chapur!!!

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