Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rupeson Dedication for CPI

Last Monday June 15, 2009, what has been only a vision for Bishop Amando Samo unfolded into a real project through a "rupeson" ceremony at a property belonging to the Diocese of Caroline Islands. Seven shovel were ceremonially dugged into the building site, signifying that what was once a mere "interest" will now transform into a "collective" day-to-day endeavor that will give birth to the Caroline Pastoral Institute.

Many curious on-lookers have asked with a sense of apprehension, "is it true they are building a college over here"? Although the ongoing construction since June 15 is for the temporary site, the answer to this query is probably more in the affirmative according to Fr. Rosendo Rudolf, chancellor at the Diocese Office, at one of his Sunday masses.

Bishop Amando Samo before praying to commence the "ground breaking" ceremony. Also in the picture are Fr. Nomano (in white top) and Maverick Arnold, in maroon shirt, a senior-to-be this school year 2009-2010. "Mav" is likely to be among those to first open the institute, leading the generations of Chuukese who will persue various ministries and vocation "schooling" right here at home.

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