Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mini-Lab Project

Principal Wayne has recently approved a proposal to convert part of the Staff Lounge to a mini computer lab. This project is part of the interest to make general computer use and internet connectivity available to students on "need basis".

Ofcourse, the challenge now is to obtain the comupter units and necessary accessories. The school does not have the money to shoulder this project. Therefore, the principal asked the staff interested to launch this project to "be creative" not to depend on SCA annual budget.

Fortunately, a few teachers have identified total of two laptops that will be used to start this endeavor. Tr. Dion, Tr. Matt, VP Marz will take the lead in looking for ways to find materials for constructing the room as well as reaching out to people who might want to donate computers and related items.

We hope alumni and friends can help "leading the way" for innovative improvement at SCA.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer School 2009 Concluded

Over 60 aspirants for class of 2013 concluded their summer exposure to SCA today around 12:00pm with iceream, cookies, and the much favored Spanished bread from TTC. To TTC' delight, a blow-out (small party) worth of just a little over $110.00 dollars got all the food and drink materials from TTC due to convenience and price.

Acting Student Body President, Marvrick Arnold congraulated the "freshmen to be" for having successfully completed the summer school.

Vice Principal Marz spoke on behalf of adminstration in place of the principal who was at a Board of Education meeting in Nantaku at the time of the party.

Students had way more than enough so Maggie Olap had to "einet" the left overs to staff, teachers.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sr. Erencia Saipweirik RSM at USF

For the past few weeks, Sr. Erencia Saipweirik, VP of Academic Affairs, has been taking summer courses at the University of California at San Francisco as part of her educational development as a Mercy Sister. From her emails, it is evident that Sr. Erencia is enjoying going back to school for a change of role and finds her course materials and focus very interesting. We will gladly welcome Sr. Erencia back to our SCA community upon her return before the start of SY2010 and have no doubt her summer experience at SanFran will be a boost for her in her already long career in education.