Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mini-Lab Project

Principal Wayne has recently approved a proposal to convert part of the Staff Lounge to a mini computer lab. This project is part of the interest to make general computer use and internet connectivity available to students on "need basis".

Ofcourse, the challenge now is to obtain the comupter units and necessary accessories. The school does not have the money to shoulder this project. Therefore, the principal asked the staff interested to launch this project to "be creative" not to depend on SCA annual budget.

Fortunately, a few teachers have identified total of two laptops that will be used to start this endeavor. Tr. Dion, Tr. Matt, VP Marz will take the lead in looking for ways to find materials for constructing the room as well as reaching out to people who might want to donate computers and related items.

We hope alumni and friends can help "leading the way" for innovative improvement at SCA.


  1. How does this new project differ from the use of the school's computer lab? I mean, you can't accommodate "general computer use & internet" in our old computer lab? Perhaps, come up with a schedule for class purposes and allot a couple hours, or a even a day for that purpose in the computer lab? If not, then the library can always back up the plan. Meaning, have the computers stationed in the library, so students can use them both for research and perhaps for general use, too. That way, a time limit can be established so students don't abuse the privilege of using them for "general use" or simply to surf the net.

    Just a thought :)

  2. well on target, trukissPonira. We are explorinig these thoughts. The status quo is that computer class is only offered sort of a required option for Seniors since such classes began to be offered at sca.

    Now that we can guarentee electricity for the whole day, we would like to be more effecient and "up to bar" with computer class and use. We know that in other places in the FSM, introduction to computer is done in as low as fourth grade. It will become a sin for us to keep delaying such class to senior year -- evenmore for keeping it an optional course.

    So, in anticipation of this direction, we feel the computer lab needs to be augmented. The Library, in itself a farcry for being "extremely useful" for normal research and provision of reading resources, can not be the sole "back up" option incase computer lab gets jammed.

    Your suggestions will be further examined in the interest of cost and human resources.


  3. Correct me if I am wrong, but the idea of creating a Mini-Lab is to give students the opportunity to gain access to the computers since the computer lab was or still is reserved for the "computer classes" right?

    Speaking of computer classes - they should be offered as early as can be. Students should familiarize themselves with the usage of computers, in order to prep themselves for this new era of technology. Almost everything is done over the internet or the use of a computer - classes, job/college application, voting polls, shopping, etc - to name a view.

    Have you guys googled "computer donations" there are quite a few organizations out there who donate to schools used computers. It would even be greater if we can find one that is willing to donate new or refurbished computers :)

  4. Your mostly correct there. Mini Lab will hopefully enable wider use to any students regardless of class as the classroom is mainly for class and class-based project.
    We would like to take SCA to the level where computer classes could be offered as "early as possible".

    We will follow your input on this and look for possible avenues for assistance.

  5. Are we looking @ laptops only or both PC & laptops?

    How many do we plan to provide for this project?

  6. perhaps we can start with whatever amount,,, ideally 5. laptops for space-counscious reasons but desktops will do as well. More important is condition of materials. i don't want computer folks to see this as a possible dumping ground for essentially non-operable units. Between Dion, Matt, and Marz, SCA must be very careful in accepting materials from within Chuuk or abroad otherwise the whole idea will turn into a fiasco. Please continue to guide us along on this as you have been so far.


  7. Indeed, we shall have new laptops :)

  8. Can we get an update on this project? We are very interested in doing something about this project but would like to get an update on what has been done so far....