Friday, September 11, 2009

First Fundraiser for SY09-10 by Fundraising Comm.

On October 10, 2009, the fundraising committee held its kickoff fundraiser on school campus during lunch break for nearly an hour. This event was first for the year-long project to raise over three thousand dollars to augment funds for SCA. In the photo above, Tr. Kiki (with shades) is busy giving change to Lovelyn and Keim. In background are: Tr. Jessica (blue shirt), Tr. Tyler (Red), Karmina Mathias from the Diocese of Carolines Office (black and white), Aida (next to Karmi), and Tr. Gracelyn (standing over Kiki).

Winners' prizes on table were donated by staff and teachers in form off assorted food items, local fruits, school materials, toys, cleaning tools, and personal hygiene stuff.

Tr. Dion, Mav Arnold, and Christopher Etop were among those trying their luck at the fundraiser.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chuuk Conservation Society at SCA

Mr. Wisney Nakayama, director of Chuuk Conservation Society, addressed the Enviornmental Science class yesterday, September 10, 2009. The whole class got invited by Mr. Nakayama and his staff, Mr. Curtis Graham, to participate in the NGO's "coral watch" project. Tr. Dion is now working on obtaining parental consent to be able to take her class out to an acitivity that will be held "off-campus". Principal Wayne has given his blessing to the idea of taking environmental science class(es) out to the real world setting.

Students listened intently to speaker; Curtis Graham from CCS standing next to windows.

First Staff Meeting SY09-10

Principal Wayne, far left, leading his first meeting for this school year. AJ Mathias and Alexcia Sillem gave principal good company. This will be Wayne's second year as "top dog" of the school. Other Staff holding leadership role for this school year are:
Marz Akapito, Vice Principal and chairperson of Social Science department
Julia William, Campus Ministry Coordinator and chairperson of Math department
Cecilia Hartman, chairperson of English Department
Chairperson for Science needs replacement as of this week -- TBA
Nasaria Dinney, Business Officer
Mack Souleng, Chief Security
Bensy Andon, Chief Maintenance

Leadership and Students: Chuuk and SCA

Judging from media coverage and observations out in the community, the most proactive NGO these days in Chuuk is SHIP/HOOPS. Keitani Graham who coordinates that NGO's activities was invited to speak to the "leadership" class on Wednesday, 9/9/09. The students found his presentation very exciting and pledged to support Kei in his efforts in keeping the youth of Chuuk drug-free, school-focused, and active in sports -- some of the qualities that SCA also wishes to intstill in her students.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

STUCO Regular Meeting 09-10

The student council had its second session for school year 2009 to 2010 in which a number of important concerns for student leaders were addressed, including recommenditions from committees that were recently created by STUCO. These leaders pushed for a number of "student initiatives" that range from adherance to school rules to "harsh and creative" mode of discipline for stubborn rule breakers.

(photo from left to right) Lovelyn Berdon, treasurer; Keimy Martin, secretary; Keim Akilino, president; Mavrick Arnold, vice president.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

ONPA at SCA: Compliance Investigation Division

Members of the Office of National Public Auditors have been visiting the FSM states to do community outreach on how to common citizen could be proactive in keeping the FSM fraud-free. On Friday, September 4, 2009, ONPA staff from national office and their field office in Chuuk came to SCA for a 2 hours session with us. The session went well with so many students asking questions regarding government fraud and how citizen can prevent it.
The whole student body tuned in to presenters on the mechanix of fraud reporting in the FSM.

First Guest Speaker for SY09-10: Current Issues

On Thursday, September 3, 2009, the Current Issues class with Tr. Dion invited Mr. Marino Siver, Chairperson of the Chuuk Election Commision, to speak to them regarding the latest election in Chuuk and election laws. Above, students listent attentively to Mr. Siver as he delves into the dynamic of election in Chuuk.

Culture Class Switches to First Semester

Tradition class, which is usually offered during Spring semester, has been moved to Fall semester this year, per recommendation for faculty prior to the start of this 2009 to 2010 school year. Above, students learn how to weave baskets. Out of 20 students, only two know how to weave.

Tradition Class students displaying their baskets, first they ever made. Front row are: Lovelyn Berdon, Chervian Bossy, Atrina Andon, Endyrose Joseph, Maggie Olap, Maisy Soien, Rosalinda Lukas, and Ronica Masaichy. Back row from left are: Domini Romer, Stella Kesemochen, Evangeline Richard, Dayleen Satak, and Myheart Aizawa.