Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Staff Meeting SY09-10

Principal Wayne, far left, leading his first meeting for this school year. AJ Mathias and Alexcia Sillem gave principal good company. This will be Wayne's second year as "top dog" of the school. Other Staff holding leadership role for this school year are:
Marz Akapito, Vice Principal and chairperson of Social Science department
Julia William, Campus Ministry Coordinator and chairperson of Math department
Cecilia Hartman, chairperson of English Department
Chairperson for Science needs replacement as of this week -- TBA
Nasaria Dinney, Business Officer
Mack Souleng, Chief Security
Bensy Andon, Chief Maintenance


  1. waiooohhh teachers shoots miss you guys too staff and vaculty man sure miss sca big time
    wish to see you all again someday!!!