Friday, September 11, 2009

First Fundraiser for SY09-10 by Fundraising Comm.

On October 10, 2009, the fundraising committee held its kickoff fundraiser on school campus during lunch break for nearly an hour. This event was first for the year-long project to raise over three thousand dollars to augment funds for SCA. In the photo above, Tr. Kiki (with shades) is busy giving change to Lovelyn and Keim. In background are: Tr. Jessica (blue shirt), Tr. Tyler (Red), Karmina Mathias from the Diocese of Carolines Office (black and white), Aida (next to Karmi), and Tr. Gracelyn (standing over Kiki).

Winners' prizes on table were donated by staff and teachers in form off assorted food items, local fruits, school materials, toys, cleaning tools, and personal hygiene stuff.

Tr. Dion, Mav Arnold, and Christopher Etop were among those trying their luck at the fundraiser.


  1. What is the $3000 set for? Are we in need of something in particular, or is this just something to have on account?

  2. The amount is actually something already included in the budget for this year without the funds being available. We have to come up with it somehow before before the end of this fiscal year or else we will be in serious trouble.

  3. ic, that shouldn't be a problem right?...heheheheh...go dolphins!

  4. wow 3,000 shoots cool go for it dolphinz
    that the spirit shoots keep it going nice work
    all of you!!! tongs me kapongs