Monday, August 31, 2009

Business Basketball League at SCDC

The Saramen Chuuk Development Center is cohosting a basketball league for 18 teams that are sponsored by various businesses and organizations in Chuuk. The league is organized by Inson Stephen, Chuuk's rep to the FSM Basketball Association, and Keitani Graham from SHIP/HOOPS. SCA is fielding a team of staff, students, and friends under the lead of Tr. Matt Miller and VP Marz Akapito. SCA's team picked up it first victory in its opening game against SHIP/HOOPS team B. Games will be played on weekends and Tuesday and Thursday nights. Where possible, come out and cheer for your team.
In the picture above, Aqua Serve warms up before its face off against a team from Mwaan Village. Aqua was defeated in a manly physical game.

WIA Training Completed

As of Friday, 8/28/09, four WIA trainees completed a three months summer training at SCA. Our huge "kinissou" to them -- two pictured above with certificates from SCA. From left, Mariot Santos, senior to be at Berea Christian School and Ymenson Namelo, senior to be at Weno High School. Not Pictured were Melissa Nine and Stayleen David. SCA is proud to have been a training partner for WIA and will continue to assist with the development of young Chuukese in programs like this whenever possible.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Week of classes sy09-10

Lunch Break on sunny August 28, 2009. Freshmen on first floor and Juniors directly above: some brought food from home, some purchased food from snack bar or nearby vendors, still others wait for mana from above.

Juniors (11White homeroom) collecting their quiz papers at the end of 5th period on the last day of the first week of classes.

Four hungry boys put up their best looks to quiet the stormy bellies. From left: Maner 13', Keim 10', Arson 10', Moisan 10'...

Maggie Olap poses for a quick photo as she tries to down a delicious home-made lunch. She will not have trouble storing what goes in as lunch.

Aquinas Sabba gives the peace flash after washing hands . Flobera Elimo in the background.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mass of the Holy Spirit:2009-2010

Today marks the beginning of school year 2009 to 2010. It all starts with the first school mass, the Mass of the Holy Spirit. Fr. Rosendo Rudolf, chancellor of the Diocese of Carolines, was the celebrant. The mass was attended by students, faculty and staff members, parents, and few friends from the neighboring islands.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Dionisialyn Bernard 2002: Newest AlumTeacher

Toward the end of last school year, SCA was fortunate to hire Dion Bernard through correspondence between her and Principal Wayne. For this SY09-10, she will be one of the most loaded teachers on campus. Dion was the valedictorian of her class.

More info about Dion

Uni graduated from: Santa Clara University
Field of specialty: Major- Sociology Minor- Ethnic StudiesDegree: Bachelors of Science

Other training and involvement: Skills Trainer working with children with autism, HIProgram coordinator for Micronesian Needs Assesment, Boys & Girls Club of HawaiiResident Director, Hawaiian Island Homes, Off-Campus Housing for college students Community Service:Redwood City Day Workers Camp, English TutorSanta Clara Community Center "Adults with Disabilities Learning Independence", Teacher's AidBoys and Girls Club, Tutor, Mentor, and Surveyor

Hope for SCA:My hope for SCA is that it remains and continue to be true to its name---Saramen Chuuk, an institution that inspires, nurtures, molds amazing young minds of the working class of Chuuk; truly a revolutionary idea

The answers to collored questions are from Dion herself.