Monday, August 31, 2009

Business Basketball League at SCDC

The Saramen Chuuk Development Center is cohosting a basketball league for 18 teams that are sponsored by various businesses and organizations in Chuuk. The league is organized by Inson Stephen, Chuuk's rep to the FSM Basketball Association, and Keitani Graham from SHIP/HOOPS. SCA is fielding a team of staff, students, and friends under the lead of Tr. Matt Miller and VP Marz Akapito. SCA's team picked up it first victory in its opening game against SHIP/HOOPS team B. Games will be played on weekends and Tuesday and Thursday nights. Where possible, come out and cheer for your team.
In the picture above, Aqua Serve warms up before its face off against a team from Mwaan Village. Aqua was defeated in a manly physical game.

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