Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To Break or Not To Break!?

Vibrant Kathy Martin is one of the teachers that will leave SCA this summer. These few days, she has been working on grades and tying together loose ends with classes that she has been teaching here so that incoming teachers will have an idea on how and where to continue. The school will lose so much in Kathy -- very instrumental in various areas of responsibilities at SCA and at the community level.

Kieko Kiki Kanemoto and Sr. Foustina Nedelec MMB at the main office. For these two, there is a special sweetness to summer break that others don't know of. Sr. Foustina is waiting for a all-community activity that her convent sisters will do in a few days to come. Kiki is starting to implement work on a new addition to the school library: Pacific Collection Project. She has so much to share about this project.

Gracelyn Rhaym and Nasaria Dinney of Business Office waiting on summer students to pay registration and other outstanding payments of olden days. For them, money is the solution to all our miseries and misfortunes at SCA.

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