Monday, April 20, 2009

Marasong Results of Monday, April 20, 2009

These are the results of the marasong for boys and girls on Monday morning, April 20, 2009. Race started at 5:40am. Result of the Marathon. Times were taken in minutes. Thanks are due to Keitani Graham, official finish judge and timer, and Joel Suda, results manager. Race distance for boys is approximately 10 miles. For girls, approximately 5.8 miles.

1.Nina Satoris 47.21 Berea Christian School
2.Drema Michael 47.22 Southern nomwoneas School
3.Darbi Simina 49.10 Berea Christian School
4.Afdasia Lodge 49.45 Berea Christian School
5.Dorina Otoko 54.45 Saramen Chuuk Academy
6.Nicky Yamase 55.25 XHS
7.Rowena Robert 57.07 SCA
8.Paula Paul 1.02.56 SNHS
9.Conni Sos 1.03.24 CHS
10.Sarrah Mori 1.08.03 XHS

1.J4 Ignasio CHS Samuel Tarry SNHS 1.07.36
2.Dani CHS 1.07.37
3.Micky Michael SCA 1.09.28
4.Bryan Francis SNHS 1.09.29
5.Joyful Noket SCA 1.09.30
6.John Pano BCS 1.14.31
7.Arim Rema BCS 1.15.18
8.Felix Tommy BCS 1.15.18
9.Remers Simina CHS 1.1557
10.Tosiky Sasakura XHS 1.16.00
11.Shawn Mori SCA 1.22.13
12.XHS 1.25.00
13.XHS 1.34.54

Next events will take place on Thursday, April 23.

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