Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome to Saramen Chuuk Academy Activities

The SCA community finds itself buried in heaps of rigorous activities to do in the last few weeks of school year 08-09.

First of all, the annual secondary school track and field championships is just days away. The first leg of the string of athletics competition this year is the newly introduced mile relay race. This event will take place this Saturday, 4/18/09. Two days later, on Monday, more road events will take place with boys and girls "marasong". Then, Thursday and Friday, the same week, (4/23/ and 4/24), the rest of the much awaited comps will unfold.

Secondly, the week after track and field, we will have our week-long culture celebration. The plan for this activity still needs to be more fleshed out. For now, it seems the tradition class will be responsible for orchestrating much of the events this year.

Sometime right after culture week, the STUCO will showcase the "King and Queen" coronation, the activity that usually rakes in the most money for STUCO. The student leaders and their lead advisor, Ms. Alexcia Sillem, have to put an end to the uncertainty surrounding this activity. Some doubt that SCA can still make this happen this year. We shall see.

Then, there is, of course, graduation. The seniors have come up with their theme for this year's graduation as well as the the person to be their keynote speaker. The class had stated that whover the winner of the governor's run off would be their first pick of speaker. That leaves us with Wesley Simina.

more report later

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