Saturday, April 18, 2009

more pix from mile relay race April 18, 2009

Dorina Otoko, running the final part among five SCA chicks. A freshmen with previous experience in this kind of raceduring her elementary school days, Dorina was, however, undable to elevate the status of her team above 4th place as a result of a sour start from team mate Lima Soram, also a freshmen. Dorina an Lima will have a chance to redeem themselves next year, if and only if, they would remain with SCA. Until then, finishing fourth is not such a terrible thing, considering the actually superb performance by the rest of the team members who collectively improved from last place (6th) at the start to 4th place when Shawn Mori (not pictured), the anchor, crossed the finished line....

Joe Nedelec on his way to Andersen Field, Chuuk High runner in green behind him.

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  1. keep it up!wish to be there to watch the next run....waioooh